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According to the Federal Office of Statistics in Koblenz, there are around 120,000 breaks-ins affecting business premises such as offices, production facilities and warehouses each year.

But it is not just break-ins that require surveillance: damage e.g. to property, goods or persons can be cleared up using surveillance footage. Visible cameras generally deter burglars and other criminals, so that the theft or vandalism does not occur in the first place.

If something should happen, a signal should be sent from a professional alarm system to a previously defined number. An immediate reaction is the key to preventing or minimising damage to persons or goods.

Professional alarm systems do not just sound the alarm in the case of a break-in; rather, they are completely indispensable for safety and security in all large companies.

For example, safety officers have to develop precise measures for possible crisis scenarios, such as fire, bomb threats or chemical spills, and be able to react quickly and efficiently. In an evacuation scenario, alarm technology is absolutely integral! Evacuations must be planned and drilled down to the smallest detail so that damage to persons and property can be prevented or minimised in the case of a catastrophe.

Safety is the top priority!

Tailor-made solutions to ensure maximum safety for your company. From simple video surveillance to complex evacuation solutions, BTD Service and our partners can support you from the conception to the daily operation of your safety solution.

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