Burglar Alarms

A break-in is a shock for anyone, young or old. In a lot of cases, the violation of privacy, the feeling of insecurity or even psychological damage after the break-in can cause more harm than material damage.

According to the Bavarian state police, domestic break-ins are on the rise again. Police statistics showed a total of 167,136 cases in 2015; a 9.9 percent rise compared to 2014. Most affected were homes with easily accessible windows and doors, and thieves caused damage of over 441 million euros. At the same time, the number of attempted break-ins also continued to rise. In 2014, the German police registered 41.4 percent of break-ins as attempted, and this rose to 42.7 percent in 2015. So, over a third of all break-ins failed, not least due to security measures.

Burglar alarms are electronically operated systems designed to protect people ad their belongings.

A burglar alarm should:

  • deter break-ins, theft and robberies,
  • notify the emergency services in the case of an emergency,
  • minimise the activity time of thieves, bank robbers etc,
  • warn any people present in the immediate vicinity,
  • help to reconstruct a break-in or robbery.

As a certified operator, BTD Service offers you a full-service concept from the planning to installation and maintenance of a suitable burglar alarm system.

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