Call Buttons / Dementia Alerts

Call systems and communications systems - also known as ‘call buttons’ - are especially designed to help people in emergencies, to save lives and avert danger. These systems range from simple call functions to complex systems that focus on the challenges in modern care and comply with DIN VDE 0834.

Call systems are designed for hospitals, care facilities and correctional facilities, and let patients or residents call their care team. These systems are characterised by a greater or lesser risk for the caller or third party if the call is not signalled due to a disruption, or if disruptions are not recognised in good time. In accordance with DIN VDE 0834, these systems may only be planned, installed, operated and maintained by trained specialists.

Modern call systems compliant with DIN VDE 0834 offer a high level of safety, and are combined with other safety systems to make up organisational units. The technical process and mutual development of various systems into complex functional units requires trained specialists and comprehensive specialist knowledge.

BTD Service and our partners offer individual, tailor-made call button solutions with the perfect, safe service for you. From simple functions to complex solutions compliant with DIN VDE 0834, we can provide you with the right solution and the best possible level of safety so that you can concentrate on daily business and the wellbeing of your residents. Benefit from our years of experience with call systems.

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