Fire Alarms

There are over 200,000 registered fires each year in Germany alone, causing damages well into the billions. Direct material damage is usually exceedingly high, but the very real danger to human life is much more important. This danger can be considerably decreased by installing modern fire alarms.

From flames to fire, from the first flickering to a consuming blaze: the path to catastrophe is often very short indeed. For this reason, early detection by fire alarms is the most important step towards effective, comprehensive fire safety. Thanks to modern technology, it is now possible to detect fires in their very early stages. An effective fire detection system can detect fires as they are starting - automatically, reliably and quickly.

The risk of fire is always present - early fire safety and rapid fire detection are, therefore, a must for any company. In new builds, renovated properties and ongoing operation:
As an operator certified in accordance with DIN14675, BTD Service offers you a full-service experience from the planning to the setting up and maintenance of a suitable fire detection system.

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