Mobile Telecommunications Cost Management

Even the best framework contract conditions are only as good as their implementation in the company.

Mobile applications are increasingly contributing to higher levels of productivity in companies. However, their massive prevalence means they themselves are becoming a considerable cost factor. According to Gartner, 80% of all companies regularly pay too much for their telecommunications services!

BTD works with all relevant network operators, and offers you individual - and most of all, independent - cost management. We rely on our experience in active cost management for thousands of users, and guarantee the optimal cost-effective use of the framework contract conditions.

How you benefit:

  • Initial savings straight away due to initial independent optimisations
  • Constant follow-up optimisations, taking individual traffic profile into account
  • Less labor time due to outsourcing auditing and refunds
  • Increased cost transparency

What we can do for you:

  • National & international monthly auditing
  • Refunds and credit monitoring
  • Constant adjustment of tariff options to suit your communication habits
  • Regular suggestions for further cost optimisation
  • Regular reporting

The prices for our services are based on the number of mobile telecommunication cards in use and/or the number of locations to be covered. You won’t believe how cheap this service is!

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