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Companies in the pharmaceuticals and healthcare industries constantly have to balance the pressure to innovate with the pressure to continually optimise costs.

Mobile applications can significantly contribute to an increase in your company’s productivity. However, their massive prevalence means that they themselves are becoming a considerable cost factor. Increasing cost pressure, staff restructuring and changing business processes require all the resources a company can muster. Anything not part of the company’s core business should be reviewed and, if appropriate, outsourced.

As a competent consulting and optimisation partner, BTD Service GmbH specialises in the complete outsourcing of mobile telecommunications and landline management, and provides a complete service for many medium-sized and large companies.

If you do not want to relinquish your company’s entire communication management system, you can simply get professional support for specific areas e.g. hardware, contract or cost management.

Full-Service from a single source. Reliable. Diligent. Customized.

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